Hypoallergenic care


HYPONIC is the abbreviation of 'hypoallergenic', which means mild and causes fewer allergic reactions, a hypoallergenic brand for pets.

HYPONIC works with top experts to provide our companion animals with the safest and healthiest lifestyle possible.

The HYPONIC brand combines the best ingredients of the highest quality using leading technology and careful attention to animals.

HYPONIC strives to be a brand you can trust, made from the heart with only the safest, high-quality ingredients and where you can trust that your furry loved ones are getting only the best.

  • Why HYPONIC?

    HYPONIC was born from research conducted on a dog suffering from a skin disease due to side effects of long-term use of chemical shampoos.

    Today, HYPONIC has become the safest, most trusted brand for your beloved furry friend.

    • 100% whole ingredients disclosed
    • Excellent award in Dermatest 2018
    • EGW hazard score (score 1-2)
    • Non-toxicity and skin irritation testing completed
    • Doesn't sting
    • Free from surfactants
    • Free from odor
    • Free from alcohol